Providing a bundle of joy and happiness to the homes of those around us

Green River Goldens provides English Cream Golden Retrievers to families that are looking for a bundle of joy to liven up their lives. Green River Goldens is ran by former talk show host, Bill “Wild Bill” Palanuk, his wife – Becky Lindstrom, and is consulted by Ted Ellenbecker. Green River Goldens provides only the finest pups to it’s customers. With a facility that is located on 240 acres with a 2.5 acre pond at the center, the dogs get plenty of room to roam and do something that they love – SWIM!

Green River Goldens was an idea that started in 2012 when Bill Palanuk got his first English Cream Golden Retriever. He was amazed at the ability the dog possessed to learn and how calm and docile the dog was. Bill and Becky began debating the idea of purchasing a female to start breeding the dogs. In October of 2015 they received an English Cream Golden Retriever named Della when she was only eight weeks old. Once Della was old enough, they made the decision to breed Della with another English Cream Golden Retriever in Wellman, Iowa. In December of 2016 a litter of eight puppies were born.


AKC Registration

All of our dogs have an AKC Registration number. We only want to provide the most quality of puppies to our customers, and this is just another step that we take to ensure that.


Available NOW!

We have our litter and the puppies are growing every day. All pups have been sold…watch for our next litter in late 2019 or 2020!

Joy for Years to Come

You will find that your English Cream Golden Retriever is more than just a dog, it will become an essential part of your family.

Ready to Get Started?

We would love to work with you on growing your family. Our English Cream Golden Retrievers will completely transform your life on a daily basis. Don’t believe us? Stop by our facilities to see the pups in action!

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